Nowlin Elementary School is a public school in Dearborn, MI within Wayne county. It is one of 19 elementary schools in the Dearborn Public Schools district. The school serves students in the grades of kindergarten through 5th including the Autism Spectrum Disorder program and Physical or Otherwise Health Impaired program.  Nowlin has a reputation as a close-knit, warm and inviting community that works together to support the school and student achievement in a positive, innovative learning environment. Teaching and learning is our focus. The faculty and staff at Nowlin are committed to implementing research-based strategies and practices to meet the needs of students.

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Nowlin Elementary Mission Statement 

The mission of Nowlin Elementary School in partnership with parents and community is to provide an excellent educational environment by recognizing, analyzing and responding to a diverse, changing world so that all students can become caring, responsible, knowledgeable life-long learners.


Message from the Principal 

Welcome Back!!!!!! I am very excited to be the new Principal at Nowlin and look forward to working with all of you this upcoming school year. I have always had a desire to work at Nowlin and thought to myself that if the opportunity ever arose, I would ask to be a part of the team. Well, through a series of events including the retirement of Ms. Rauch I have been given the opportunity to join the Nowlin school community. I look forward to meeting all of you, your children, and the entire hard working staff at our school.

As an administrator my sole focus has been on ensuring that each child has the skills needed for adulthood. It is my belief that childhood is the foundation for all potential opportunities and that it is our job to ensure that students are prepared both academically and socio-emotionally for the world that awaits them.

In order for students to be prepared it is imperative that there is a strong reciprocal relationship between the student, the parents, and the teachers. I believe that when we are all in agreement, focused on positive development, any discrepancies in approach can be handled with respect and growth. My approach has always been to treat every student, every parent, and every staff member with the respect that I would want and believe we all deserve. I have found that this approach to leadership has had a proven track record for academic and social success as well as increased parent involvement and enrollment within the building. It is my hope that this same approach can bring continued success to Nowlin School.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you on ensuring that our future caretakers are academically ad socially prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Enjoy the summer and I will see you in September.

Dr. Joshua Tynan
Nowlin Principal










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