School Improvement Walkthrough


Dearborn Schools implements an internal accountability system called the School Improvement Process.  This model is implemented in each of our thirty two schools. A team from the superintendent’s cabinet, school administrators, administrative interns, parents and teachers participate in the school visits and provide feedback.  This feedback is a formative metric that includes best practices or high impact strategies and district initiatives. During the two- hour visit, the team conducts a walkthrough to all classrooms and assess the level of implementation of each of those strategies/initiatives.  This process has evolved to include a tool that is used systematically and consistently across the district.  In addition to the walkthrough and feedback, this continues improvement process includes steps on incorporating multiple measures to drive the work of the school improvement plan and align this work with the district strategic plan. Local and state assessments, student attendance, mobility and and other demographic data sources are examined and used to drive next steps for the professional learning communities. Our students come in with different needs and learning barriers yet our staff beat the odds and keep our children moving forward- something the entire community of Dearborn should be proud of.

If you would like to participate in the school improvement walkthrough with the district administrative team, please fill out this form.  You will be receiving a reminder call 45 minutes prior to the start of the visit.

Thank you,
Dr. Tynan

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