Our Mission


Vision Statement

We, Nowlin Elementary School, see a community that supports and builds on the strenghts of each student,inspires each student to be a critical thinker and promotes collaboration with teachers, parents and students. Our teachers are continually improving in teaching and providing a learning environment that uses appropriate assessments, technology and best practices to encourage, assist and direct students to reach high academic and affective goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of Nowlin Elementary School in partnership with parents and community is to provide an excellent educational environment by recognizing, analyzing and responding to a diverse, changing world so that all students can become caring, responsible, knowledgeable life-long learners.

Beliefs Statement

Staff, students and parents of Nowlin Elementary School are committed to the belief that all students can learn and that a positive attitude is an essential element that nurtures learning as a life time pursuit.

Our core beliefs:

1. All students can learn.

2. Positive attitude is essential.

3. Learning is a life time pursuit.

4. Learning takes effort.

5. Learning is a commitment needed by the learner.

6. Support from the family is necessary.



District Mission Statement

The Mission of the Dearborn Public Schools, in partnership with families and the community, is to educate all students to high academic standards within a safe, stimulating environment and ensure they are prepared to become productive citizens.

Our Beliefs

The Dearborn Public Schools are committed to a set of beliefs regarding quality teaching, learning, and learning organizations, our hopes and expectations for our schools and community, and our desire to ensure successful realization of our Vision, Mission, and Organizational Objectives.

We believe all students…

• Can learn and will learn based on their different needs, wants, styles, and visions for success.

• Need active support from their family, school staff, and the community.

• Will learn to appreciate differences and similarities and to practice good citizenship from educators, families, and the community.

• Must have equal opportunities to learn and choices about how to learn through effective educational programming.

• Must have well maintained instructional facilities that support their learning needs.

• Must be ensured of sound financial and fiscal planning and support for their educational needs.

• Shall attend schools that have met external accreditation standards.

• Need and will be provided a nurturing learning environment


Our Core Values

Honesty – To demonstrate honesty, we need to…

• Be truthful.

• Keep our promises.

• Treat all people fairly.

• Know and do the right thing.

Respect for Self and Others – To demonstrate respect for self and others, we need to…

• Make informed decisions.

• Exhibit good behavior.

• Be courteous and polite.

• Demonstrate kindness toward others.

• Acknowledge the rights of others

Responsibility – To demonstrate responsibility, we need to…

• Think before we act.

• Be accountable for our

• Admit mistakes and plan corrections.

Integrity – To exhibit integrity, we need to…

• Be trustworthy.

• Keep our promises.

• Do our own work.

• Be reliable.

• Make the right choice even when not popular.

Courtesy – To exhibit courtesy, we need to…

• Treat others as we wish to be treated.

Citizenship – To exhibit good citizenship, we must…

• Respect the principles on which our country is founded.

• Respect authority/obey the law.

• Be an informed voter.

• Volunteer within our community.

• Be environmentally responsible.

• Pursue life-long learning.



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