Seeking Parent Volunteers

Dear Parents:

Motor Moms and Dads is off to a great start thanks to our Parent Volunteers! but we could use a few more volunteers. The program runs on Thursday Mornings 8:50-11:00. If you are able to help please send a note in with your student or return the bottom of this letter. If you are interested but cannot make that time please contact me (Cathy Galdes at 313 827-7017).

It has been shown that helping children increase their ability to use both sides of their body, balance, catch a ball, run, skip, etc. is a great way to increase their success in academic areas. Using motor skills develops the ability of both sides of our brains to work together and improves our visual skills. We need these skills in order to learn to identify letters, write and copy words with ease, learn to read. Children develop at different rates.

In order to help all our students increase their motor skills, we are offering a program that gives students more motor opportunities. We need some dedicated and fun-loving parents (or grandparents) to volunteer to be trained as Motor Parents. Training will be provided by our district occupational therapists. Trained Motor parents will work with a group of 2-3 students at a time and a complete class will rotate through six rotations in approximately 45 minutes. We would like the classes to participate on Wednesday mornings. So, if you have 45 minutes a week to donate to our school and enjoy working with small groups of children, become a Motor Parent. This is a great opportunity!

Thank you,

Dr. Tynan

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