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As many of you may know already, Nowlin applies for many grants and works with many different entities to provide a multifaceted educational experience for your children. A core program that we work with (as do many Dearborn schools) is the DSHINES grant. This is a partnership among Dearborn Schools, Oakwood Hospital, Wayne State, U of M – Dearborn, and ACCESS. This partnership, over the last two years, has enabled us to provide Healthy Kids Club, the outdoor garden, and access to many different curriculum options.

Please take the time to complete this brief survey. The survey assesses parental understanding of DSHINES programming relative to healthy eating/nutrition and physical activity. It serves to identify family eating habits (i.e. fruit and vegetable intake), family engagement in DSHINES healthy eating activities, and thoughts on how the program has influenced their child’s lifestyle. It asks parents to provide their opinion on physical education as well as providing information to extracurricular activities at and outside of the school setting in addition to parental physical activity. It identifies the different ways parents model vigorous activity/healthy eating and reasons why. The survey also assesses child habits and activities at home such as screen time regulation.

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Dr. Tynan

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