Our Game ON! fundraiser is almost ever….LET’S ROCK!

Dear families!

Just a quick THANK YOU for helping your student use their awesomeness to help others!

We’ve raised over $4500 in our fundraiser so far!!

That gives us over $2250 in CASH plus a $1000 American Ninja Warrior equipment prize pack for Mr V to use during gym class or field day!!!

There are still plenty of prizes to give away.

Since our Game ON! fundraiser ends soon, please log back into your Personal Donation Page and be sure your child has reached the goal you helped them set. Every dollar raised makes a difference in the lives of our students!

All online donations are automatically added to any CASH and CHECKS collected, as long as you turn in the money and your Pledge Sheet on the turn in day

After final funds are accounted for, let’s celebrate our students’ efforts! Our check from “Joe Cool” and the team at Game ON! Powered by PoP! Friendship! Fitness! Fun! Stay tuned for more info!

Thank you!

Dr. Tynan

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