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Good morning,

I hope that this blog post finds you and your family doing well. By now I am certain that everyone has heard that the governor has canceled the school year and set forth some guidelines for school districts. I am sure that many of you have several questions. The district is working on a comprehensive plan as I type this note. The positive aspect of this news is that the district has already been working on a plan and several of the ways that we have been handling the closure already meet the governors requirements. At this time not much will change in regards to what is expected of you from us. As long as you are continuing to check in with your child’s teacher and your children are participating in google hangouts we will be okay academically (as much as we can be). It is the partnership with you and the dedication to your child’s education that each of you have shown that has put us in great shape to get through this trying time. Each of you truly are appreciated!

As always please be sure to take care of yourselves during this process. Your physical, emotional and mental health are extremely important to those around you and to us. If you ever need help do not hesitate to reach out to myself, a teacher or any number of the resources that the district has set up. We are here for each and everyone of you to the best of our ability.

Dr. Tynan

Below are several notes for the next week:

  • There is no schooling next week as it is Spring Break. Myself and staff will be available starting Monday the 13th. Remote learning will also resume at that time.
  • Food distribution will continue during spring break but with a slight change. The days to pick up breakfast and lunch from OL Smith will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Report cards for the 3rd marking period will be available in Parent Connect on Monday the 6th. At the bottom of this post will be instructions on how to access.
  • Audible had lifted it paid subscription service while schools are physically¬†closed and you can now browse and play hundreds of current book choices at all levels simply by visiting this link.

Parent Connect:

  1. How do parents login to ParentConnect? To login to ParentConnect, parents need their PIN and password; there are 2 options to get this information.

Option 1: Parents go to Dearborn Schools web site then ParentConnect link. If they don’t know the login info, they click (Need Your Login Information) link and it will prompt them to enter their email address as provided to the school and entered in MIStar (Menu/Enrollment/Student Editor/Contacts) and click Submit. This process emails them their PIN and Password.

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