Year End

Good afternoon,

Today makes the official last day of the school for your child. Thank you for all you have done this year to make your child’s academic year a success. This year we were on track to have our largest academic gains to date, we received several grants to support our school, and we implemented several new activities to broaden your child’s school experience.

Some of the increased activities that took place this year, but are not limited too:

  • Bike/walk to school with incentive prizes
  • Extended School Day Enrichment, Healthy Kids Club, Garden Club, STEAM Club, Chess Club, Honors Choir, etc.
  • After school events for the whole family such as: STEAM Night, Language Arts Night, Math Night, Book Bingo, Yoga for Parents, Etc.
  • Activities during the day such as Buddy Groups and Yoga for 3rd-5th

Some ways we supported during the quarantine included:

  • Remote learning with the teacher
  • Constant contact with all teachers
  • Up to date phone calls and blog postings.
  • Distribution of Chromebooks
  • Support for internet access
  • Etc.

I am certain that I have not included all of our activities but I think you can agree that we try to ensure that you and your family have a positive experience while you are with us. We likely do not hit all the marks and have several ways that we can improve but we are open to suggestions and collaboration. It takes a strong relationship with each everyone one of you to make your child’s experience a successful one.

Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey to let us know positives of this year and areas for improvement.

Lastly, our garden is still up and running. I believe the PTA sent out a sign up form for summer maintenance. Please help us maintain this beautiful community garden that our students have worked so hard on. There are several items planted that will be ready to go for the students in the fall as long as there is light maintenance done over the summer. The gate is unlocked.

thank you and have a wonderful summer,

Dr. Tynan

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