PTA Board Elections

Good afternoon,

Due to the remote learning at the end of the year last year and the virtual learning at the start of this year our PTA Board Elections are a bit thrown off.

We are in need of nominations for Board Members. You must be a PTA member in good standing.

If you are opting in to the Virtual Learning Plan you may still be able to be a PTA board member.

Below are bullet points of pertinent information.

  • Positions available are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, and Membership Chair
  • Positions can be shared (ex, 2 presidents) in order to lessen the load.
  • Nominations need to be emailed to
  • Deadline for nominations are September 3rd.
  • Voting will take place virtually on September 8th.

Thank you,

Dr. Tynan

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