Book Fair Info

Hello Nowlin Bandits!

Don’t forget that Thursday and Friday is the day to purchase from our Book Fair!  Remember that purchasing will look at little different this year, so please make sure to send in your child’s order (from their wish list) and money (or use Scholastic’s e-wallet)! DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE 6% TAX FOR ALL ORDERS! Students will NOT be returning to the Book Fair, so they must have made their selections before school.  

Are you unhappy with your child’s choices? Want to buy a few more books?  Want to see what’s available?  Head over to the Nowlin PTA Facebook page to see a picture of each of the book carts and all of the books available!  You can then check the Scholastic website for the price of the books.

Thanks for your support of this year’s Book Fair! We get 25% in proceeds to support our school.  Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have!


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