A brief message and a few save the dates

Good afternoon,

I hope your first day back to school went well. Things seemed to go relatively okay for everyone being out of practice for a year.

I just want to make everyone aware that we are still finalizing our classes as we have had numerous students added in the last week as well as numerous students move/transfer in the last week which offsets class sizes. It is difficult to fully predict potential classes with the pandemic causing families to move, to go virtual, to not having the school on their radar, etc. My hope is that any change will cause as little disruption as possible and apologize in advance.

This Wednesday, Sept 1 from 5-6 is meet the staff night! There will be ice cream and toppings for the families and there will be pizza and popcorn available for sale.  The PTA will also be selling Nowlin t-shirts and water bottles.  Some at a discounted rate!

On Thursday, Sept 9 from 6-7:30 is the Open House. We will be hosting this outdoors (weather permitting). If it is indoors, more direction will be forthcoming in regards to who is allowed in the building. The PTA has also sponsored a Kona Ice Truck to be at the Open House from 5:30-7:30. Make sure to visit the truck for a tasty treat! (this is a fundraiser for our school).

The Book Fair is coming September 27-October 1! 

Dr. Tynan

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