Menu Change, Book Bingo, and PTA Message

Good morning,

There is a light menu change:

Tomorrow will be Halal Sweet and Sour Chicken

Wednesday will be Bosco Sticks


Book Bingo is this Wednesday (9/29) on the front lawn. It will be held from 6pm to 7pm.

Here is a message from your PTA:

 Starting today (and Tuesday)students will have an opportunity to preview the books with their class. Their teacher will then let you know what their shopping day will be for Wednesday or Thursday.

The Book Fair will also be out this Wednesday evening from 5:30-7:30 during our Book Bingo on the Lawn event. Parents can shop during this time. 
The Book Fair accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and Scholastic’s e-Wallet! Please remember to include tax when sending money in for your purchases! 
Lastly, we are also able to share and purchase online for the Book Fair! This is a great way for grandparents to purchase or to buy for the upcoming holidays!

Any questions, contact Erin Bauer or Chelsea Hinckley at

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