Tomorrow’s the big day

Good morning,

As a reminder, tomorrow is the first day of school for students. The day is a half day and ends at noon.

It is essential for students to be to school on time. It ensures that they are able to not only receive the information that they need but also that they are mentally and emotionally prepared to learn by not feeling the anxiety of being behind. Everyone being on time also reduces the disruption to the whole class.

That being said, what a great chance to start the year off with good habits and having your child to the building by 8:50 tomorrow!!!

Also, as a reminder, 3rd-5th grades line up at door 7 (upper el playground),1st and 2nd grades line up at the front door, Kindergarten lines up next to the Kindergarten room and ASD line up at door 3 (black top near parking lot).

‚ÄčThank you for your understanding with attending school on time and we look forward to a wonderfully, successful year with each other.

Dr. Tynan

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