Healthy Tips Week 10

At-Home Physical Activities

Grades K-5

Week 10

Calming Exercises for Kids: Breathing and Stretching
Shortened URL: Calming Exercises for KidsActivity: mindfulness, breathingBest For: K-5Time: 3:59Description: This is a calming video that stretches and rejuvenates the body. Skills Emphasized: breathing, stretchingOther Resources: Calming Exercises for Kids
HIIT Workout For Kids
Shortened URL: HIIT Workout For KidsActivity: HIIT, total body workoutBest For: K-5Time: 7:24Description: Now take advantage of a HIIT workout that is designed just for kids. Follow along to the prompts. You might need to add your own music to this one so we also gave you a couple of suggestions. ●      Hip Hop F.E.E.T from Hip Hop Public Health (Music Track 1)●      Beautiful from Hip Hop Public Health (Music Track 2)Skills Emphasized: stamina, jumping, balance, stretching, dancingOther Resources: HIIT Workout For Kids , Hip Hop F.E.E.T from Hip Hop Public Health , Beautiful from Hip Hop Public Health
RoboDog Yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga
Shortened URL: RoboDogActivity: yoga, flexibilityBest For: K-5Time: 11:49Description: Start your day with a nice, calming yoga video that will stretch the body.Skills Emphasized: stretching, flexibilityOther Resources: RoboDog
Dribble Bounce by Hip Hop Public Health
Shortened URL: Dribble BounceBounce MovesActivity: hip hop, full body workoutBest For: K-5Time: 9:52Description: Begin by learning the Dribble Bounce by Hip Hop Public Health○, try out your skills by trying the Bounce moves ○ Emphasized: dribbling, throwingOther Resources: Dribble BounceBounce Moves 
Animal Race
Shortened URL: N/AActivity: cardiovascularBest For: K-5Time: N/ADescription: Engage in a fun activity with your kids or have them play with a sibling. Play an animal race with your kids, pretend to be your favorite animal and race each other. Be a bunny and hop or waddle like a duck! Skills Emphasized: Crawling, jumping, balance, coordination, mobility, flexibility

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