Healthy Lifestyle Blog Week 18

At-Home Physical Activities

Grades K-5

Week 18

Get Moving with The Lion King
Shortened URL: Get Moving with the Lion KingActivity: cardiovascularBest For: K-5Time: 7 minutes 55 secondsDescription:  Begin the day with a Disney Family Get Moving video! Your family will love moving like Simba, Rafiki and Zazu as they recreate their favorite parts of the movie!Skills Emphasized: balance, mobility, coordination, stretching
KIDZ BOP Kids – KIDZ BOP Shuffle
Shortened URL: KIDZ Bop ShuffleActivity: cardiovascularBest For: K-5Time: 4 minutes 31 secondsDescription: This is a fun dance video that will get the heart rate up.Skills Emphasized: dancing, mobility, jumping, stretching
Slow Yoga Flow with Kids Work It Out 
Shortened URL: Slow Yoga FlowActivity: yoga, flexibilityBest For: K-5Time: 7:51Description: Today’s yoga, the Slow Yoga Flow, from the Kids Work It Out program. Today’s flow focuses on movement-based mindfulness which will teach you how to be calm and mindful while still moving!  Skills Emphasized: mindfulness, stretching, flexibilityOther Resources: Slow Yoga Flow
FROZEN Yoga Adventure with Cosmic Kids Yoga
Shortened URL: Frozen Yoga AdventureActivity: yoga, flexibilityBest For: K-5Time: 30:32Description: This is a fun video that will tell a story of Frozen, while being physically active.Skills Emphasized: flexibility, stretchingOther Resources: Frozen Yoga Adventure
Balloon Volleyball
 Activity: volleyball, full body workoutBest For: K-5Time: variesDescription: Make a net by tying a piece of yarn from one chair to another. Then use a balloon or beachball and start hitting the ball/balloon back and forth over the net! No net? No Problem! See how many times you can hit it in the air without it hitting the floor. For other fun activities to play with balloons, visit this website!Skills Emphasized: hitting the ball, coordination, jumpingOther Resources: website

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