Week 19 Healthy Blog Post

At-Home Physical Activities

Grades K-5

Week 19

Calm Kids: Full Body Stretch
Shortened URL: Full Body StretchActivity: yoga, flexibilityBest For: K-5Time: 7:37Description: This is a calming video that stretches and rejuvenates the body. Skills Emphasized: stretching, flexibilityOther Resources: Full Body Stretch
Extended Version of Bounce Dance
Shortened URL: Bounce ExtendedActivity: cardiovascularBest For: K-5Time: 12:07Description: If you really want to challenge your skills, check out this extended version of a Bounce danceSkills Emphasized: dancing, stamina, coordinationOther Resources: Bounce Extended
ABC Workout of the Day
Shortened URL: ABC Workout of the DayActivity: muscular strength and endurance Best For: K-5Time: variesDescription: This ABC Workout of the Day is a great way to get a workout in while having fun. To finish your workout right today, spell your first and last name out using the ABC workout handout. Don’t forget to check out the videos that are embedded in the handoutSkills Emphasized: muscular strength and enduranceOther Resources: ABC Workout of the Day
Body Awareness with Kids Work It Out
Shortened URL: Body Awareness VideoActivity: yoga, flexibilityBest For: K-5Time: 12:01Description: Today’s yoga is from the Kids Work It Out program and focuses on Body Awareness. Through this yoga flow, you will be better to understand how your body feels while practicing a series of poses that encourage strength, focus, and flexibility.  With practice, body awareness can teach anyone to take great care of their mind, body and feelings.Skills Emphasized: strength, focus, and flexibilityOther Resources: Body Awareness Video , Body Awareness Yoga Flow pdf
Get Moving with Moana
Shortened URL: Get Moving With MoanaActivity: total body workoutBest For: K-5Time: 13:07Description: Begin the day with a Disney Family Get Moving video! Your family will love canoeing with Moana, moving proudly like Maui and getting silly like Hei Hei.Skills Emphasized: stretching, mobility, staminaOther Resources: Get Moving With Moana

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