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Grades K-5

Week 20

Animal Race
Activity: cardiovascularBest For: K-5Description: Engage in a fun activity with your kids or have them play with a sibling. Play an animal race with your kids, pretend to be your favorite animal and race each other. Be a bunny and hop or waddle like a duck! Skills Emphasized: Crawling, jumping, balance, coordination, mobility, flexibility
Dance to “Just Sing” from Trolls World Tour
Shortened URL: “Just Sing” DanceActivity: cardiovascularBest For: K-5Time: 4:03Description: Now it’s time to do a fun dance. Have you seen the new Trolls World Tour movie yet? If so, enjoy this dance to one of their hit songs, “Just Sing”! Skills Emphasized: dancing, stamina, coordinationOther Resources: “Just Sing” Dance
Jungle Book Adventure
Shortened URL: Jungle Book AdventureActivity: yoga, flexibilityBest For: K-5Time: 12:34Description: Now finish your day with a “Jungle Book Adventure” with Get Moving Family from Disney. Follow along to move like all of your favorite characters in Jungle Book.  Skills Emphasized: flexibility, stretching, balanceOther Resources: Jungle Book Adventure
Cardio Yoga Flow from Kids Work It Out
Shortened URL: Cardio Yoga Flow VideoActivity: mindfulness, yogaBest For: K-5Time: 7:03Description: Today’s Cardio Yoga Flow from Kids Work It Out, focuses not only on exercising our hearts, but also demonstrates mindful breathing as a tool that can calm ourselves during stressful situations.Skills Emphasized: stretching, breathingOther Resources: Cardio Yoga Flow Video , Cardio Yoga Flow pdf
Fitness BINGO
Shortened URL: Bingo Activity HandoutActivity: total body workoutBest For: K-5Time: 8 minutesDescription: Use our Bingo Activity Handout to create a pattern of exercises your child(ren) can complete for a full body workout! Initial each square as your child completes it. Challenge: Continue to have your child pick patterns of exercises throughout the day until they complete the entire sheet!Skills Emphasized: stamina, self-care, brain exercising, balance, jumping, stretching nutrition knowledgeOther Resources: Bingo Activity Handout

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