Summer School

Good afternoon,

The district will not be providing the same summer school this year as it has for the last two years (2021 was 8 weeks, 2022 was 5 weeks).

Instead summer programming will be returning to precovid planning. Prior to the pandemic, the district offered summer school programs for specific students (eg, programs for students with english as a second language or students with special needs) and schools offered their own programming. 

Traditionally, Nowlin has offered an extended school year at the end of the school year for two weeks (8 days) This time the extended school year will be two weeks (8 days) prior to the start of the school year to provide students an opportunity to get an early start on academics and behavior expectations.

More information will be forthcoming about the details of the program. I am also in communication with the Michigan Learning Channel (part of PBS) to see if we can create a partnership for summer learning for our students.

Thank you,

Dr. Tynan

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