Traffic and Late Arrival

Good morning Nowlin Families,

Today we had over 60 students arrive late for school. That is a significant amount of late students. On any given day we have over 15% of our student population late for school. This is a large disruption to not only their day but also other students and the teachers.

Additionally, the late arrival creates a flurry of rushed cars and students trying to quickly cross the street. This is extremly hazadarous coupled with the dangerous intersection at Madison and Penn with that triangle. 

Lastly, double parking, in the morning and afternoon, creates blindspots for those crossing the street and frustration for those whose cars are then blocked and then quickly speed away out of frustration.

Please please please help us to ensure the safety of our children by being on time, having patience, and following the traffic laws. 

We have asked cars to move, ticketed cars, had police presence and we still struggle with this situation. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Tynan

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