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The NED Show

The NED Show is an all-school assembly program, designed to promote positive attitudes, better behavior and improve academic achievement through character education. Presented through storytelling, humor, visuals and audience participation, The NED Show motivates…encourages…INSPIRES your kids to become Champions at school and in life.

We incorporate yo-yos in our assembly, along with magic tricks and dramatic speech, to deliver a VISUAL lesson that sticks with students. It’s unique, it’s unusual and best of all, it’s absolutely unforgettable. After the assembly, we offer items for purchase that prominently feature the NED Champion message, so that students have their own learning tools to reinforce the program. The message of our assembly literally becomes a hands-on object lesson that exceeds a 45-minute show.

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Brainstormers: The Skywriter Show

The Brainstormers were welcomed back to Nowlin with enthusiasm as they acted out five narratives from our talented Nowlin authors grades Kindergarten through fifth. The Brainstorms and student volunteers dressed up with costumes, props and sound effects to make the narratives come to life!

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Singers from Foreign Lands

The students at Nowlin listened to four vocalists sings songs from their native lands of Croatia, Nigeria, Taiwan and Uruguay.

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Red Wings Anti-Bullying /Character Building 

A group representing the Detroit Red Wings stopped by Nowlin to talk to the students about building character and eliminating bullying.

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Brainstormers visited our Nowlin students!

Celebrity Chef Emilio “Papa” Roni and chefs showed our students how easy it was to “bake up” a delicious story!  The students suggested their own ideas for “story toppings”… then wacky costumes, music, sound effects and volunteer chefs brought these brand-new stories to life!

Here are the pictures from the creative writing assembly “take off show.”


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