Coronavirus update

Good evening,

As stated in the previous blog, I will continue to provide families with updates on what is happening in the district as it becomes available. Below are several bullet points discussing steps that the district is taking to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Cleaning of Schools

  • The district is following Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.
  • The Operations department is meeting with the Engineers to review regular and enhanced cleaning procedures to ensure alignment with CDC recommendations.
  • The Operations department is taking inventory and ordering cleaning products as needed.
  • Regular monitoring of bathrooms is being completed to ensure soap and paper towels are available.  Additionally, teachers are encouraged to monitor the bathrooms in their classrooms and their soap dispensers.


  • Kindergarten Round-Ups are suspended until further notice.
  • Concerts, performances, science fairs, literacy/math nights, etc are suspended until further notice.
  • Extra-curricular activities involving only district students may continue to meet but scheduled competitions or performances are suspended.
  • All field trips are suspended until further notice.  
  • All building permits effective March 16th, 2020 are cancelled. 
  • Extended day, tutoring, and ACCESS will continue  (These are programs we operate).

Athletic Events 

  • The District will follow the guidance of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). 
  • Per MHSAA, all winter tournaments are suspended, effective immediately. This is a pause in the postseason; updates to follow.
  • Spring sports: competition suspended but practices are allowed. 

Parent Teacher Conferences

  • High School Parent Teacher Conferences will be held remotely (by phone).
  • Middle School and Elementary School Parent Teacher Conferences will be determined at a later date.


  • Parents are considered visitors and therefore should have limited access to schools in order to help in mitigating the spread of any illness. 
  • ALL visitors to classrooms except Dearborn Public School employees will cease.  
    • This includes any visitor for March is Reading month.
    • Exception:  IEP service providers.
  • Student Teachers will continue in their assignments unless their college/university indicate otherwise.

Entry and Dismissal

  • Parent visitation within the school will be limited.
  • As much as possible, we will avoid entry and dismissal in large crowds.
  • We will limit the number of students at recess at one time. 

Remote learning

  • The Central office team is working on short and long term guidance to develop remote learning resources.
  • The afternoon of March 13th, 2020 is focused on remote learning planning for staff.


  • As recommended by healthcare professionals, any staff member or student who is ill should stay home.
  • Student and staff attendance numbers are monitored by the Executive Cabinet daily in order to identify any trends that might indicate a widespread outbreak of illness.

These steps will not cure COVID-19 nor will they guarantee that none of our students or staff will come down with the illness. These measures are being taken as part of a nationwide effort to slow the spread and minimize the impact of this outbreak of COVID-19.  

Dr. Maleyko and his team continue to be in contact with Wayne County Health Department and the Michigan Department of Education, and several other health care and professional organizations to seek guidance on next steps pending new information. No one knows how long this will last or how severe the impact the COVID-19 outbreak will have on our country.  The District’s Emergency Crisis team will continue to meet, plan, and prepare for any changes that might occur over weeks and months ahead.

Lastly, please refer to previous blog posts for essential information on what you can do at home to help minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Dr. Tynan

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