Friday’s updates and YOGA

Good afternoon,

I hope this blog finds you and your family well. What a busy week and this weather does not help the stir craziness of the kiddos. However, never fear, the weather will be breaking starting tomorrow. A few announcements and one that I am extremely excited about:

  • Food is still available for pickup on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at OL Smith. The pickup includes breakfast and lunch.
  • The district has put together and submitted a plan to RESA for remoter learning. More information will follow (hopefully sooner than later). Essentially the plan mirrors what you and the Nowlin staff have already been doing so that’s a relief.
  • Lastly, as you know we offer Yoga for the students, parents and staff. Our wonderful yoga instructor, Ms. Kristen, has put together several extremely accessible yoga videos for parents and students. They are listed below:

For parents:

  1. Seated Yoga Sequence for a Healthy Back 
  2. Happy Hips – Hip-openers for Mobility, Strength and Flexibility 
  3. Parent Yoga for Positive Energy w/ Metta Meditation 
  4. Gentle Yoga Sequence to Strengthen and Support Respiratory System 

For students: 

  1. Sun Salute Yoga Flow  – This Sun Salute yoga flow is a great physical activity designed to start each day in a positive way. Participate in this kid-friendly series of yoga poses to empower your body and mind.
  2. Ocean Breathing – Stay calm and collected with deep Ocean Breaths
  3. Warrior Yoga Flow for Strength – Little Warriors, practice this strengthening yoga flow to feel brave and victorious!  Remember, when things get tough – use deep, ocean breathing to keep calm and carry on. 
  4. Lazy 8 Yoga Flow – Combine this kid-friendly flow with deep abdominal breathing to improve immunity and calm the nervous system.
  5. Bodies in Balance  – A kid-friendly yoga practice to increase confidence and focus 
  6. Get Grounded  Tune into your body and breath with this grounding, kneeling yoga sequence 

A yoga sequence for those limited due to mobility issues:  

The playlist:

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