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Good morning,

I hope this blog post finds you and your family well. A few quick announcements and a wonderful message from the Nowlin staff to you. Please remember that everything we do is intended to support, if you feel that the information myself or the staff are providing is too much at this time please communicate with us on how we can best meet you and your child’s needs. We are here to support not overwhelm. At any given time the stress of what has been taking place can be overwhelming. If that happens please step back, relax, and know that we will be here when you are ready to return.

  • In case you did not know this, the Nowlin staff misses you all very much. Here is a little video that they put together letting you know how much they care about you.

  • We are having trouble contacting a few of our families. If you are in contact with your neighbors and you know that they have not contacted their teacher please encourage them to make contact. We are all in this together and, as you know, we are about more than just academics. We are here to support.
  • Food is available for pick up from OL Smith on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The packages provide both breakfast and lunch. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
  • The Scholastic Book Fair officially starts Monday. Here is the link: 

  • A big shout out to Mr. Hawkins who was able to secure a minigrant from Amazon to purchase books for the upper elementary. Those books will be arriving to the students very soon.
  • Please visit the teacher blog tab on this site as the teachers have been providing an abundance or resources.
  • As stated previously the district has created a comprehensive continuity of learning plan for the time that we are all working remotely. The good news is that the working relationship that we all have meets the components of the plan. If you want to see the entire plan please click on the below link:

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