Virtual Holiday Gift Shop Is Coming

Dear Parents,

Our school is hosting a Virtual Holiday Gift Shop for our students and school families. This program makes it possible for your child to experience both the thrill of choosing gifts “secretly” and the “joy of giving” to their family members. All of this is done right in the comfort of your home.

We believe this program will help children learn about budgeting and decision making. A large variety of gifts, in several price ranges, will be available for all shoppers. Imagine the fun they will have surprising a loved one with a gift they picked out and wrapped (gift bags included) “all by themselves”!

With your help, your child can log onto our school specific website, where they will be able to select their special gifts. They will need some assistance, mostly at checkout.

You can approve the purchase and make payment by credit/debit card. Once all of the gifts are ready, our PTA will let you know the date and details for gift distribution.

Our shopping dates: December 3rd through December 6th

Follow These Steps to Shop:

1. Visit:

2. Enter Login: Holiday

3. Click the “enter here” button on door

4. Enter Password: E656124

5. Start Shopping

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