Slight Schedule Adjustment

Good afternoon,

I hope that this blog post finds you and your family doing well.

Starting next Monday (12/7), we will be adjusting the daily schedule somewhat. The specials will begin taking place at 2:50pm instead of 1:00pm. We have found that having the specials at 1pm has led to a decrease in student participation in the afternoon. We are attempting this tweak, in the schedule, in an effort to increase our student afternoon engagement and to increase our student achievement.

In theory, this schedule change should not cause too much disruption as it is a small time realignment during school hours, however, I am certain we will hit a bump or two.

A general sample of a typical day is provided below (I did not add breaks, etc). However, this will look different for each class as the classroom teachers knows best on what is needed for the class.

8:55-10:25 ELA
10:30-11:45 Math
11:45-12:25 LUNCH
12:25-1:00 Writing
1:15-1:45 Science or  Social Studies
1:45-2:50 Learning Labs

2:50-3:50 Specials Classes

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