Yesterday’s events

Good morning,

As I am certain that you are all aware of the terrible tragedy in Texas yesterday, our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the families and community.

I want to ensure you that we do everything we can to ensure that your children are safe. All staff have been trained in ALICE (a school emergency response and crisis program), I have been trained in PREPare (a school emergency and response crisis program through the National Association of School Psychologists), we practice frequent drills with students in traditional and nontraditional ways, we have the doors locked and card readers for entry (another one is being installed this week) and Dr. Maleyko has established an extremely strong relationship with Dearborn Police so that we have officers frequently around and quickly available if needed.

A couple of things that you can do to help us ensure that our students are safe:

  • Spend time without technology talking to your child about a wide range of topics to get a read on their mental well being. It is important to ensure that conversations go beyond rote questions and rote responses. As we all know, as children become teens their responses turn to “fine” “nothing” “it was okay” before they return to their cave (eg, bedroom). It is important to create scenarios that draw out natural conversation to lower our children’s defenses. Some scenarios would include: playing a card or a board game, going for a walk with them, playing catch/basketball/soccer etc, putting together a project, putting together a puzzle, etc.
  • Get involved in the school community, we are all in this together. Join PTA, High School Booster Clubs, Volunteer in the elementary, middle and high school. Get an understanding of what your child’s independent day is like.
  • Have your child to school on time and have them stay throughout the day, constant tardiness and leaving causes the doors to constantly be open at the schools.

Together we will continue to raise happy, well adjusted, successful children.

Dr. Tynan

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