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At-Home Physical Activities

Grades K-5

Week 12

Dance Party
Shortened URL: Dance Party Cards  Activity: cardiovascular, danceBest For:K-5Description:  A fun activity! Have a dance party with your kids, put on yours or your kids’ favorite songs and move your body. Skills Emphasized: DanceOther Resources: Lesson Plan
GoNoodle Yoga – Release Your Warrior!
Shortened URL: Release Your WarriorActivity: yoga, flexibilityBest For: K-5Time: 3:12Description: Wake up the body and mind by learning the Warrior yoga poses while setting positive intentions for the day.  Skills Emphasized: breathing, flexibility, stretchingOther Resources: Release Your Warrior
ABC Workout of the Day
Shortened URL: ABC Workout of the Day HandoutActivity: cardiovascularBest For: K-5Description: Practice work recognition with a fun and engaging activity. Have your child(ren) choose a list of 3-5 words they would like to spell OR select from one of our Side Word List Handout. Have them spell the words using the letter movements listed and modeled on the ABC Workout of the Day Handout. Skills Emphasized: Endurance, strength, balance, coordination, mobilityOther Resources: Side Word List Handout
Bring Up Sally Challenge
Shortened URL: Bring Up Sally ChallengeActivity: muscular strength and endurance Best For: K-5Time: 3 minutesDescription: Today, let’s try some fun fitness challenges!  These are sneaky workouts – they are all the duration of a single song – but they will work your muscles and endurance! Skills Emphasized: arm strength, core strength, leg strengthOther Resources: Bring Up Sally Challenge
Wind Down
Shortened URL: Wind DownActivity: mindfulness, yogaBest For: K-5Time: 6:41Description: Work through the gentle movements of this Good Night Yoga book to create a Zen environment in your home as you prepare for bed or are just looking to calm your body.Skills Emphasized: breathing, stretchingOther Resources: Wind Down

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